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As the consumer demand for halal products is on the rise worldwide, Manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers have started to consider the market for halal products as an increasingly important part of their business. Moreover, Muslim consumers are not the only drivers, recently more non-Muslims are discovering and developing a taste for specialty food from the Arab countries. For that reason, food and cosmetics industry in Germany is already offering a diverse range of halal products.

The overseas markets insist on halal-certified products, where Halal certification warrants to the consumer that the product was manufactured in accordance with Islamic halal principles. This however remains as one of the challenges in the Halal industry. Therefore, to foster the dialogue between manufacturers and consumers and to help the German and international food and cosmetics manufacturers, get more understanding of a recognized domestically and internationally halal production and certification system, The Deutsche Messe in cooperation with the Ghorfa Arab German Chamber of Commerce and Industry are organising a new exhibition dedicated to Halal Industry:

6-8 March 2020
Deutsche Messe AG
30521 Hannover

German-based and international manufacturers, wholesalers and service providers, will use the three-day exhibition to present goods and services ranging from food and beverages to cosmetics and travel.  The Fair and the accompanied conference program is designed to improve understanding of halal-related challenges, here and in international markets.

HALAL HANNOVER is aiming to attract audience from wholesalers and retailers, supermarkets, food establishments (restaurants, fast-food outlets, snack bars, caterers), hotels, food-testing laboratories, manufacturers and distributors of cosmetic products, travel agents/operators and consumers.

Interested companies from the Arab countries may visit Halal Hannover 2020 to become exhibitors. For more information and registration, you may contact Ms. Rasha Kozma from our chamber, (Tel:  +49-30-27 89 07-14, Email: kozma@ghorfa.de) or Mr. Christoph Schoellhammer (Tel: +49 511 89-31422, Email: christoph.schoellhammer@messe.de) from Deutsche Messe AG.

It will be our great pleasure to welcome the food and cosmetic Arab manufacturers to Halal Hannover 2020.